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Quick peek: events

Sandburg Days 6-mile Historical Ride on Thursday, April 27th!

Spring Tune-Up Ride on April 29th!  



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It's easy to join COG... just show up!  Keep your eyes peeled for cycling events and big rides, and feel free to stop by a COG meeting anytime, as they are open to the public. Please submit comments, questions, pictures, and suggestions to the 'Make a Difference' page to stay connected to the COG community and build a better Galesburg!

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Our Mission

From weekly rides to regional rides, we have plenty of ways to get you cycling safely with food, fun, and fellow cyclists!  Keep an eye out for upcoming COG events and meetings so you can join the fun.

COG has devoted its energy to advocating for a better cycling and pedestrian environment in Galesburg, Illinois. It is our belief that creating a bike-friendly city will promote the overall health and well-being of everyone. Help us keep everyone safe on the roads, as well as developing a health-minded culture. Use this page to stay updated on rides and events, as well as checking out routes, staying updated on bike news, and staying connected to the COG community.

Our mission is to transform the city of Galesburg, Illinois into a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly place. By raising awareness through events, increased knowledge, and cyclist support, we hope to keep enthusiam high for a better and richer community of cyclists!

Our goal is to enrich the community of Galesburg. By changing our city's mentality towards cyclists and pedestrians, we believe we'll be making a positive impact on our community as a whole. Check out our schedule of events to see how COG is giving back to the community and learn how you can get involved.


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